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More than 18 years after starting with one client, a hope and a dream, Groundworx has grown into a full service marketing and communications firm. Web design, branding, strategy, advertising, graphic and content creation – we have experience in all of it!

You'll never have to deal with a "suit". We consult directly with you, and then off we go to produce campaigns, artwork, websites - ourselves. You'll never have to deal with the "broken telephone" syndrome that comes from having your instructions passed from one department to another within your marketing company.

As a full service firm, we’re committed to fulfilling your marketing needs through our innovative, integrated approach. We work as a creative team to develop your specific message and strategy. Since we love what we do, we have fun doing it and it shows in the quality of our work. Our clients range from established, large organisations to not-for-profits, schools and small startups. Although we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, technology ensures that we can deliver on your project wherever you are! We’re only an email, call, Skype or Zoom session away.

We help organisations to maximise their marketing and development potential by focusing on their overall branding and messages.

Paula Agar

Growing up in the small town of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, Paula always dreamed of being a writer. After spending four years at Rhodes University in Grahamstown and achieving a B. Journ, she tried journalism for a few years by working at a number of trade publications.

Eventually ending up working in the computer industry, she then spent the next few years working in corporate communications, focusing particularly on the development of product catalogues, in-house branding and public relations.

However, her love for graphic design got the better of her and in 2002 she struck out on her own to start Groundworx.

Since then she has worked extensively in print and graphic design, and has moved into the digital sphere by doing web design and social media marketing.

However, her background in writing has made her a unique beast, in that not only can she design, she can also spell ...

Alex Morse

After completing a BA Degree in Industrial Sociology and Applied Psychology at Wits, Alex took herself off on an obligatory gap year working on a motoryacht around the Mediterranean and Carribbean Seas.

Arriving back in South Africa, she was offered a job with one of the first commercial, online service providers which introduced her to the wonders of all stuff online.

Over the next few years, she remained in the computer industry, working as a product marketing manager with several global IT brands and lastly, as the corporate marketing manager at a large IT distribution company.

Still in awe of "all stuff online", Alex decided to venture out on her own and focus on providing marketing, web design and digital services to a range of clients.

Joining forces with Paula, she believes that being a jack of all trades can make you a master of many, something that helps give Groundworx its competitive edge within the SME space.
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